Joulz 6 October Inertia Compound

Joulz 6 October Inertia Compound

Compound joulz phase 3 launching
After the success of JOULZ compound in phase 1&2 INERTIA is proudly to launch the best RAEF FAHMY DESIGNS JOULZ phase 3 knocking the doors
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town house
twin house
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Joulz Compound 6 October Inertia company Egypt كمبوند-جولز-اكتوبر-طريق-اسكندرية-الصحراوي

Inertia is a prominent real estate company that develops unique projects in different parts of Egypt . We have been established since 2007 and have been growing in status ever since . As a subsidiary of Inertia Holding Group , we boast about the fanciful ambiance and top standards of living that we provide across all of our properties . Other developments of ours include , but are not limited to , Medipoint Sheikh Zayed , Medipoint Mena Plaza , West Hills , G Cribs , Soleya and Brix . Inertia’s goal is to offer elegantly designed developments where quality shines from interior to exterior . We guarantee enticing , scenic views and a relaxed living environment whilst maintaining an upbeat community atmosphere .


With a strategic location , the development is a retreat that allows its residents to enjoy extensive green expanses surrounding their homes . Joulz stands out from the crowd as its units are all designed to capture as much of nature as possible , inviting in light to brighten their homes and every day activities . The community will relish the sun setting , as the sky turns to twilight , where their surroundings still , and all that can be heard is the breeze gently rustling the foliage . At night , tenants can enjoy the serenity of Joulz


Joulz aims to ensure that its residents needs are completely met within the compound , and as a result , there are several services ranging from banks and medical clinics that aim to reassure the community that they will not have to leave Joulz to get any of these services . Moreover , Joulz has a hypermarket , several restaurants and cafes , a dry cleaning service , and other facilities to keep its residents and their families entertained . There are also office spaces and corresponding underground parking spaces for its occupants .


The neighborhood grants its residents with seemingly endless green grounds where they can relish lush grass fields and a variety of flora .
Details are everything , as each green expanse has been thematically designed , and in turn , every green area is unlike the other . The variety
of vegetation in this unmatched location makes it idyllic , offering its community consistent serenity as their senses will be satisfied whenever
they view this mixture of plant life which is maintained by a team of on-site gardeners throughout the compound .


Joulz aims to bring a lively , vibrant , and exceptional community experience for its residents within a distinctive compound . Built on the outskirts of the city , this location would be ideal for young business professionals who want to remain close to their work , but still want to escape from it all when the working day ends . Families , newlyweds , and first-time buyers will benefit from the array of activities offered that will bring them and their community closer together


Along with these residential properties , underground parking spaces are assigned to units , relieving the pressure of homeowners not being able to park close to home . Parking slots will also be available in front of buildings .

Surveillance & Security

Safety is fundamental , and in Joulz the community has 24/7 on-site security service across the compound to ensure that its residents have peace of mind . Apart from the surveillance inside the compound , surveillance systems are installed around the compound’s area , covering all outdoor and public spaces . This illustrious , intimate community has private entrances to guarantee the safety of all of Joulz’ residents and guests

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